Captain’s log (previously known as the Kaplak Blog) started it’s life as the official company blog of Kaplak, rigorously maintained by Kaplak founder and CEO Morten Blaabjerg.

The blog continues it’s existance as a continued inquiry into the particular problem of connecting producers, products and queries on the slim end of the long tail with their distant customers, markets and answers.

The blog broadly covers social technologies and information filtering tools, such as affiliate systems, RSS/Atom syndication, peer-to-peer networks, search, social networking services, free software, wikis and ‘commons-based peer production’. It explores the technical, social, legal and cultural challenges met, doors opened and controversies provoked by these new tools and technologies. It’s focus is the empowerment of individual computer users over centralized filters and corporations, and the continued examination of it’s potentially radical implications for us as individuals, for our societies and economies, and for our culture(s).

Morten Blaabjerg
Odense, July 2nd, 2010.

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