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Lots of Kaplak activity on Twitter these days. I’ve been following a course on Investor Relations (IR) with Lynge Blak, an expert on the subject.

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Lynge gave a course of high inspirational qualities which I think made everyone in the room think really hard about their businesses, and about what kind of capital they need, how they’re going to get it, and how they’re going to communicate about what they intend to do with it, when or if they get it. Maintaining relations with the capital markets is a long term concern for companies with ambitions about growth and building a scalable business. You can follow my notes from the last two days’ course on Twitter.

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#1 Morten Blaabjerg on 10.26.10 at 3:30 pm

Here’s the collected notes from this course, now finally extracted from Twitter thanks to their new architecture, which allows _all_ one’s tweets to be shown on a single webpage. Thought these notes more useful to be searchable here in this space.

Kaplak 3 Mar 08 : (course day 1)

» I’m attending a course on investor relations today in Odense
» Featuring Lynge Blak, Danish IR expert
» Key point : it’s all about making your business visible
» Get the message out, get it out in the face of investor groups
» Do research on what they need to hear? Why not wear white socks while you tell them what they need?
» Getting to know what the “screening process” is all about
» Financial communication is important… also need to use the press
» How to signal that you’re a company with a serious intent to raise some capital in your domain
» sustainability : socially, environmentally and economically… sustainability which increases the value of your company
» Of paramount importance : two-ways communication about information which relates to the value and prospects of the company
» No selective information… some gets to know something, others something else
» Consistency and continuity in communication… make decisions on a IR communications strategy and ambition
» A key part of IR : getting feedback, getting investors’ views and perception of the company’s management, performance, operations, prospects
» Detailed understanding of your stakeholders’ concerns, their likes and dislikes about your company and it’s path
» Just did a test on “selling points” for a potential Kaplak investor… why should he/she invest in Kaplak, out of the thousand startups?
» 1. we have a global market accessible via the internet, it shows explosive growth, i.e. massive economical potential
» 2. Lightning sharp analytical and strategical capabilities in our company.. a unique understanding of our customers’ key problem
» 3. We solve a real problem, i.e. a real “pain” for a customer group in rapid growth
» 4. The problem we solve will only grow bigger and more apparant with the present information growth online
» 5. Opportunity : it is the right time to do this. “Search” as a visibility solution faces great problems
» 6. No other company presently reads this strategical opportunity as well as we do
» We’ll see if these selling points change during this IR course…
» they probably will…. seems most investors could care less about the product or the market… I wonder why…

Kaplak 4 Mar 08 : (course day 2)

» product of IR : confidence in the business’ potential to provide a profit to it’s investors
» IR’s job is to sell this product to current and potential investors
» Investment Appeal… scalable business and competent/able leadership
» create investor confidence by telling the truth, the whole truth… goal is credibility, the truth is the single best way to confidence
» telling the truth is the most important builder of long term trust relationships
» which leads to long term support
» credibility must become a mantra
» Information reduces risk… it raises your value and makes new capital cheaper
» IR : provide investors with backup information, which supports the idea that they should make an investment in your business
» listening today to IR expert Lynge Blak :
» idea : buy up a complementary partner/competitor with an investor, to create better synergy and acquire ressources, while you’re at it
» we get around and back and forth to it all the time : information sharing, information sharing, information sharing
» Kaplak’s choice seems clearer and clearer : we’ll focus on using and developing open architectures all the way
» One key argument : open architectures are simply *faster* and more competitive in the environment we enter today online
» In this respect, being *afraid* of sharing information is foolish in every respect
» Just recommended Twitter to Lynge and my course teammates

Not sure I’d recommend Twitter another time as a notetaking tool – it’s simply too difficult extracting information from it again, and Twitter Search does not help. It seems to index only the most recent stuff, which makes it utterly useless as a tool for extracting data from one’s archives.

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